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Physical Pathways
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Physical pathways can be used similar to a hospital whiteboardto track where patients are and move them through the various phases of patient care within your clinic workflow. You can use physical pathways to better manage your patients and appointments by dividing them into phases and assigning tags and tasks specific to that pathway card. Pathways is more commonly used for virtual visits, however the rooms feature designed for physical pathways allows for many other workflows. Physical pathways function much the same as standard virtual visit pathways. For more information, see Viewing Pathways and Actions available for Pathway Cards.

The main view of pathways is a kanban-style board, showing all your open pathway cards separated into different columns. You can see all patients in a waiting room and what point of care or phase they are currently in. Each phase houses different tasks; you must complete all required tasks before you can move to the next phase, such as checked in, with nurse, with provider and completed visit. For more information, see Setting phases and transitions for your Pathways.

You can also use Pathways for program tracking, if this is something that your clinic does. You can track patients that are in specific programs to identify where the patient is in the program. You can track key statistics on times in certain phases of a program, and automate reminders on tasks for staff to complete depending on the phase a patient is assigned to.

💡 Tips:

The additional option you have for physical pathways is assigning a room to the pathway card. To add a new room, see Creating rooms for Pathways and appointments. This is useful if you have multiple rooms or machinery used for the visit. Rooms can be assigned manually (click Room to choose a room from the list), or automated with a transition.

💡 Tip: The assigned room also shows on the schedule. Hover over the room icon to see the assigned room.

Before you can use pathways, you must first contact TELUS Health to have this function enabled and configured in your CHR domain. You may also require additional training. For new setups, contact the TELUS Health account management team at If you are already using pathways, contact the TELUS Health support team through the support chat (see Contact us).

TELUS Health sets a default configuration. You can further customize your pathways to better meet the needs of your clinic, see Customizing pathways for your clinic.

Updated June 21, 2022

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