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Setting phases and transitions for your Pathways
Setting phases and transitions for your Pathways
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Phases are the foundations of Pathways and each pathway card moves through the different phases via transitions. Using phases, you can organize pathway cards into different columns by the stage they are currently in.

There are three default virtual visit phases: Pre Visit, Visit, and Post Visit.

You can streamline appointment tasks (or actions) that staff or patients must complete by assigning each action to a phase, resulting in improved collaboration and patient care. For more information, see Creating Patient Actions for your Pathways and Creating Staff Actions for your Pathways.

For example, in the Pre Visit phase, you can task the MOA with preparing the patient file and making sure all patient actions are completed. Then, once the patient transitions to the Visit phase, the provider can see the patient, knowing that all pre-visit tasks are complete.


  1. From the main menu, click Settings > Pathways.

  2. From the Phases tab, click Add Phase, or to edit an existing Phase click it. The New Pathway Phase window opens.

    💡 Tip: To delete a phase, click the x.

  3. Type a Name and choose a Colour.

  4. Click Add Transition and then choose the Transition and the Arrival Phase (the phase the transition will end at).

  5. Click Save.

    📌 Note: Each transition can also have validations and actions associated with them. For information about adding validations or actions, see Configuring transitions for your Pathways.

  6. Click Save to close the New Pathway Phase window.

    Updated June 21, 2022

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