If you have the Export Patient Chart permission (contact your CHR administrator for access), you can export a patient chart as a PDF file for printing, faxing, or sending it to those requesting it.

You can choose which sections of the patient chart to include in the PDF and as many files from each section that you need.


1. From the patient chart, click Update Information.

2. In the top-right corner, click Patient Chart.

3. From the window that opens showing each section of the chart, select what to include in the PDF:

  • By default, content from the last year is included. To include older content, click the date range and select a new range.

  • To print all content from the patient chart, click Print All.

    ⚠️ Important: This will include any administrative notes recorded in the chart (see Adding pop-up notes to patient charts). If you use these notes to identify problematic patients, you may not want to selection this option if you plan to provide the patient with a copy of their chart.

  • To include only certain content from some categories of the chart, click the category name at the top, such as Encounter or Letter. Then, click the content within the section to include, or click Select All to include all content within the section.

4. When you are done selecting the contents, at the bottom of the window, click Select. Your PDF is generated.

5. At the top of the PDF, select whether to download the file or print, email, or fax the file.

Updated June 18, 2021

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