Managing outgoing referrals

Track and manage outgoing referrals from the referrals dashboard

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You can track and manage outgoing referrals that providers send from your clinic by using referral statuses and comments within the referral.

For example, from the referral dashboard, clinic staff can see which provider referral letters are ready to be sent (with a status of Ready), choose the recipient of the letters and referrals, and then send them off to the appropriate providers. They can then update the status of the referral to indicate that the letter was sent.

As referrals get accepted or declined or as you receive updates from the provider whom you referred the patient to, you can add comments or custom referral data in the referral to track additional information. For example, you can record the date and time of the patient's appointment and whether you notified the patient of their consultation appointment.

Finally, once you complete your referral workflow, you can mark referrals as completed so that the referral records get archived.

💡 Tip: You can customize your referral statuses and required actions to suit the needs of your clinic's workflows; for more information, see Customizing outgoing referral priorities. You can also customize the data that you want to capture within your referrals; for more information, see Adding custom referral data fields to referrals.


1. From the main menu, click Referrals. The Referrals dashboard (list) opens.

2. Click the Outgoing folder. A list of all the active outgoing referrals for your clinic appears.

3. Using the search and filter fields at the top, filter or search the list for the referrals that require managing. For more information, see Searching for referrals.

4. Click a referral to open it.

5. Edit the referral, as required.

  • Change the status to indicate the next step in the workflow, and, if required, perform the required action.

  • In the Comments field, type additional information about the record

  • Under Referral Data, click a blue data field to update the information. For more information, see Updating patient and referral data from a referral.

6. Click Save.

Updated August 11, 2021

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