Click on Start/Open Button

Then Select Letters button:

You can open existing Letters or you can create New Letter:

Click Template

Choose from one the templates you have listed

(listed templates will be different than what you see)

Select template you wish to load

(below is used as example)

Apply the template chosen
Variables added to template are designed to pull in the information straight from the chart.  Any variables not populating information, is a result of missing info in chart or you need to click on them (pink) ones to choose from a list of selectable options.

Once you have template completed and recipient selected, you can select from the options at the bottom.

  • SAVE: This option saves the letter to patient's chart.

  • PDF: This option will generate a PDF t print, fax  or download.

  • Signed PDF: This option will add a footer with signature to bottom of letter

  • Message: This option will allow you to send this to another user within your clinic.

  •  Referral: This option will allow you send to another Physician/Specialist etc. either Internal to your clinic or Outgoing (to another location)

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