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How to filter your Inbox to only view the desired messages

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By default, you see all inbox items for every user within your inbox. You can filter your inbox to view only the desired user inboxes and message types. This enables you to focus on messages and inboxes that are important to you or have a higher priority.

📌 Note: You can also sort the contents of your main inbox or the Done items window, for example sort by priority to view items requiring immediate attention at the top. For more information, see Sorting your inbox.

💡 Tip: If your inbox is taking a long time to load, filtering it helps it load faster.


1. From the main menu, click Inbox.

2. At the top, click the filter icon. The Filter Inbox Items window displays.

3. Select the message types and inboxes you want to see:



Message Types

Click to select the message types you want to see in your inbox.


Click to select the practitioners whose messages you want to see in your inbox.

You can select the following message types:

Message types



Faxes received through the fax integration.


Labs received through the lab integration, e.g. Meditech or Excelleris.


Files received through patients' charts.


Messaging between staff members.

Qnaire Responses

Responses received to patient Qnaires.

Failed Message Alerts

For administrators, messages about failed faxes or lab polling.

💡 Tip: To automatically clear the current selections and instead select the unselected items, click Invert Selections. For example, if you selected Faxes and Labs and click Invert Selections, then Faxes and Labs are cleared and all other options are selected automatically.

4. Click Apply. Your filter is applied and the inbox refreshes to show messages matching your selection.

💡 Tips:

  • Once you filter your inbox, a red dot appears on the filter icon. This is a visual indication that the current inbox view is filtered.

  • If your clinic has user groups set up and filtering on them is enabled (see Creating user groups), you can also filter the inbox by these groups. Click the user group field and select the desired group from the list.

Updated June 21, 2022

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