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Adding referred patients to waitlists
Adding referred patients to waitlists

Use waitlists to help manage your incoming referrals

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You can use waitlists to categorize your patients that are waiting for different types of consultations with various providers. While you are managing incoming referrals, you can add the patient to a waitlist. Depending on the configuration of your referral statuses, some statuses may required that you add the patient to a waitlist (see Configuring incoming referral statuses).

Before you add a patient to a waitlist, ensure you have created the waitlists that you require (see Creating referral waitlists).

After you add a patient to a waitlist, they remain on the referral list, in addition to appearing on the waitlist. When the referral is archived, the patient is automatically removed from the waitlist.


1. Open the patient referral.

2. In the Waiting List section on the right side of the referral, select or search for the waitlist.

💡 Tip: To remove a patient from a waitlist, choose No Waiting List.

3. Click Save.

Staff can now view and sort the waitlist and book an appointment for the patient directly from the waitlist (see Booking appointments from referrals).

Updated August 5, 2021

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