Use waitlists to manage patients waiting for appointments

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You can use waiting lists in the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) to help you manage referred patients who are waiting for appointments. For example, a specialist may have a wait time of 3 months before an appointment can be booked for a patient, and may require several lists for different types of consultations. Similarly, a multi-disciplinary clinic may have waitlists for different providers, such as for seeing a dietician, social worker, or psychologist. Create waiting lists to manage these patients in waiting (see Creating referral waitlists).

When you receive a referral, you can add the patient to a waitlist (see Adding patients to waitlists). Then, when time opens up in the provider's schedule, you can create an appointment for the patient from the waitlist (see Booking appointments from referrals).

To view your waitlists, from the main menu, click Referrals and then click the name of your waitlist. If you have many different waitlists, click No Selected Folder / Folder Name at the top to search for your waitlist.

You can search, filter, and sort the patients in your waitlists in the same way as your other referral lists (see Searching for referrals). To view the details and manage the referral, click the row in the list.

When you want to combine two waitlists, you can edit the one wait list and merge with the other list. See Merging referral wait lists.

Updated August 5, 2021

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