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Navigating the patient portal (for patients)
Navigating the patient portal (for patients)
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If you have logged into the patient portal by clicking on a link in an email or SMS notification, you initially land on the patient portal message page and see the message sent by your clinic (with or without the option to reply).

💡 Tip: To navigate to the patient portal home page, click < Back at the top left corner.

On the patient portal home page, you can access messages, appointments, and your demographic information:




Click Messages to view old or new messages.

Click on a specific message to view details.

Reply to a message:

  1. Type text in the white message box.

  2. Click Submit.


Click Appointments to view old and upcoming appointments.

Click + New Appointment to request an appointment.

Click on a specific appointment to:

  • View appointment details.

  • Change appointment time.

  • Cancel appointment.

  • Complete Pre-visit tasks.


Click to view any outstanding private bills and to make a payment using your credit card. See Making a credit card payment using the patient portal (for patients).

📌 Note: Not all clinics have this feature enabled.


Click to view your demographic information.

Update your information:

  1. Click in the box that you would like to update.

  2. Type updated information.

  3. Click Update.

This will immediately update the information in your patient chart.


Click Logout to log out of your patient portal.

Updated May 30, 2021

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