If you did not login to the patient portal using the one time passcode (OTP) within a certain timeframe, you receive a message stating your OTP has expired.

If this occurs, you can still login to the patient portal.


  1. Click Continue to login

  2. Click the Identification field.

    a. Under ID type, click the arrow and select one.
    b. Enter ID Number and/ or code (this is usually your health card number).

  3. Click the Email or Phone field.
    a. Select either Mobile or Email.

    b. Enter mobile number or email address.
    📌 Note: The above details must match the information your clinic has on file for you.

  4. Click Apply.

  5. Click Next.

    A new page appears.

  6. Check your messages (email or sms) for a new OTP.

  7. Enter the new OTP in the One time passcode field.

  8. To remain logged into the patient portal for the next 30 days, select Stay logged in.

  9. Click Login.

For more information on using the patient portal, see Navigating the patient portal (for patients).

Updated: February 2022

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