Transaction History and Sequence number retrieval

You can view the "Transaction History" of a Ready or Submitted bill.

To do this, click on the "i" icon found in the top right hand corner of the billing item: 

If the bill has been Submitted, you will also be able to view the Sequence Number using the same method: 


Once a bill has been "Completed", you can complete a resubmission on your end if needed. To resubmit a completed billing item, click on the "i" icon, select the "downwards arrow" on the far right of the incoming transaction history, and then select what type of resubmission you would like:


Submitting Debit Requests (BC)

When submitting Debit Requests in BC using Teleplan, a note needs to be provided to bypass the Pre-Edit. The following criteria is required:

The Submission Date of the debit request record must be within 12 months of the payment date of the original claim.

A note record or claim comment is mandatory to explain the reason for the withdrawal of the claim. Statements such as "Incorrect date of service" or"Incorrect practitioner number" are sufficient.

The note can be entered in the EDIT NOTE section of the bill.

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