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Overview of the Billing dashboard
Overview of the Billing dashboard
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From the Billing dashboard, you can see all bills (insured and private) that all providers at your clinic created. From here you can edit bills, manage rejections and view totals paid.

To access the Billing dashboard, click the Billing icon from the main menu.

From the Billing dashboard, you can click anywhere but the patient name to view and edit the bill, including changing the status. When you click the patient name, the CHR directs you to the patient chart.

You can change the status of multiple selected claims at once from the billing dashboard. See Bulk changing the status of insured claim.

You can customise the layout of the Billing dashboard to view only the information you require such as which columns are displayed. See Customising the Billing dashboard.

You can filter the dashboard by service date, billing providers, statuses, insurer and patient identification for example (see Filtering the Billing dashboard). By filtering you generate specific reports that can be exported. See Exporting billing reports.

If you have a filter that you apply on a regular basis, you can create a Saved Filter. See Creating saved billing dashboard filters.

You can see the Total Amount you received in your bank account over the specified service date period, in the top left corner of the dashboard.

📌 Note:

Total Amount = Processed amount plus Unpaid amount.

Processed = Total amount minus the Unpaid amount.

Discount = total amount of discounts applied to private or third party bills.

Refunded = total amount refunded to clients.

Paid refers to the bills that were partially or fully paid.

Unpaid amount refers to the bills that are partially paid or not at all.

Updated June 20, 2021

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