You can move a single appointment by editing the appointment and changing the date, time, or provider.

To move a block of appointments (for example, if you need to reschedule an entire day for a provider), see Rescheduling a block of appointments.

💡 Tip: if you can see the appointment to be moved and the schedule and day/time to move it to on the screen at the same time, you can drag and drop the appointment.


1. To edit the appointment, click the appointment to open the appointment booking window.

2. Change the date and time, and/or provider, and click Save.

📌 Note: you can only move the appointment to a different provider's schedule if you are currently viewing that schedule.

💡 Tip: you may also want to update the status to Rescheduled. For more information, see Tracking the status of an appointment.

Updated May 6, 2021

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