Users have the ability to select multiple inbox items at one time to perform a single action. This is a user setting/ permission that needs to be enabled for specific users/ accounts. The permission is called Inbox Mass Actions. Once this has been enabled, the user will see a new button at the top right corner of their inbox. 

When this button is clicked, checkboxes will appear next to all inbox items as well as users' names

If you select the checkbox next to the user's name, it will select all inbox items currently visible in their inbox. If you select just one box, it will add that to your collection of selected items.

Once you have selected a box(es), a bar will appear at the bottom of your screen. The bar will indicate the following:

  • how many items you have selected

  • the number of items that have been reviewed by you.

The bar also includes the Mark Done, Mark Reviewed, and Mark Urgent actions. If one of these buttons are pressed, you will see a confirmation window pop up.

Once you have confirmed your action, a loading screen will appear until all items that required actions have been completed.

Last reviewed: January 2021

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