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Patient Search dashboard
Patient Search dashboard
Get a list of patients matching a set of criteria or search for a patient
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The Patient Search analytics dashboard allows you to find patients using patient data or information on appointments, encounters, prescriptions, Qnaires, providers, etc. You can use it to get a list of patients with a specific trait or who match a set of criteria.

To learn more about how to use the Analytics module, see Analytics dashboards.


There is a total of 61 filters available. Here are some of the most commonly used filters:

Patient data:

  • PHIN: Patient's Personal Health Identification Number

  • Gender: Gender of the patient

  • Age: Age of the patient

  • Postal Code (First 3 Digits): First three digits of the patient's postal code

  • Status Tags: Tags added to the patient record. Available values depend on your clinic's patient settings (Settings > Patient > Status Tags).

  • Patient Data Field: Category or location of the patient data field. You can use this filter to get any information available in the patient chart. The name of the field follows this structure:

    • Category|Property|Entity (e.g. Demographics|Contacts|Email)

  • Patient Data Value: This filter must be used with the Patient Data Field filter. Enter the value you want to filter on. For example, if you selected the Demographics|Contacts|Email field, you could enter "".

    💡 Tip: We recommend you use the contains condition for best results.


  • Primary Physician: Patient's primary physician

  • Referring Practitioner: Patient's referring practitioner


  • Appointment Type: Appointment type of any appointment booked for the patient

  • Appointment Date: Date on which the appointment was scheduled

  • Appointment Practitioner: Provider under which the appointment was booked


  • Encounter Date: Date on which the associated appointment was scheduled or the encounter note was created

  • Encounters Signed Off: Whether or not all the encounters in the patient chart have been signed off


  • Medication Date: Date the prescription was written

  • Medication End Date: End date of the medication prescribed

  • Medication Name: Name of the medication prescribed


  • Qnaire Date: Date the Qnaire was completed

  • Qnaire Name: Name of the Qnaire

  • Qnaire Score: Score of the completed Qnaire, if applicable


  • Billing Date: Date of the visit

  • Billing Code: Code of the service provided

  • ICD Code: Code of the diagnosis linked to the bill

  • ICD Description: Description of the diagnosis linked to the bill


Patient search

List of all patients who match your search criteria. The total number of patients is also displayed at the top of the report. The following information is displayed:

  • ID: Patient's unique ID (use this to jump into their chart)

  • Patient Full Name: Name of the patient

  • Patient Identification Value: Patient's personal health number

  • Gender: Gender of the patient

  • Date of Birth: Patient's date of birth

  • Primary Provider: Provier assigned as the "primary practitioner" in the patient chart

  • Phone: Phone number of the patient

  • Email: Patient's email address

  • Notify By: Patient's preferred notification method (email, SMS or both)

  • Last Appt: Date of the patient's last appointment

  • Full Address: Address of the patient

Email Addresses

List of email addresses for patients who match your search criteria.

Cell Numbers

List of cellphone numbers for patients who match your search criteria.

Updated February 28, 2022

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