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Creating templates to block time off
Creating templates to block time off

Learn how to add off time on mass in your schedule

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📌 Note: To create vacation templates, you must have the Templates: Schedules permission. Refer to Modifying a user's permissions.

If providers usually take a block of time off (such as one week of vacation) that is often repeated, you can create a vacation template that you can then easily apply to all providers at different times in the year.

Or, if you have a standing meeting that takes place on a weekly basis or if you want to block time off for lunch breaks or administrative tasks, you can also create and use templates for one or more providers at your clinic.

Similarly, if a doctor will be training students some Wednesdays, but her normal schedule includes Wednesday clinics, create apply a training template for the Wednesdays that she will be out of office.

After you create the time off template, apply it (refer to Applying time off templates to provider schedules).


1. From the main menu, click Settings > Scheduling > Templates.

2. The Vacation Schedule Templates window appears.

3. Click Add Template.

4. In the Template Name field, type the name of your template, such as Admin Time.

5. In the calendar, click a time slot. The New Off Time window opens.

6. If needed, adjust the Start Time and End Time, change the colour, in the Memo field, type a a description, and then click Save.

📌 Note: The memo description appears in the selected provider(s) schedule at the top of the time slot.

7. Click Save. ​

⚠️ Important: If you do not save the created Off Time and immediately want to apply the template (refer to Applying time off templates to provider schedules), a validation error appears and you must delete and re-add the time off.

Updated November 23, 2023

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