📌 Note: You must have Scheduling Settings permissions to set up provider schedules for your clinic. See Modifying a user's permissions.

Off time/vacation templates can be applied to more than one provider's schedule.

Once you have created off time/vacation templates for your clinic (see See Creating templates for blocking time off in provider schedules), you can apply them to any date(s) and providers.

If providers usually take one week of vacation over the summer, create a vacation template that can be applied to any provider at different times in the summer.

If you have a standing meeting that takes place on a weekly basis or if you want to block time off for lunch breaks or administrative tasks, you can apply a template to multiple provider schedules.


  1. From the main menu, click Settings > Scheduling > Vacations.

  2. For Practitioner Vacations click Template.
    The Vacation Schedule Templates appears.

  3. Select a template you want to apply from the list.

  4. From the Schedule Practitioners list, select one or more providers where the template should be applied to.

  5. Under Dates, click +Add Dates.

  6. From the pop-up calendar, click the dates that the template should be applied to and click Select.

  7. The selected dates appear in the list.

    📌 Note: From here you can edit the template name and working hours.

  8. Click Apply.

    A Confirm window appears.

  9. Click Okay if you want to apply the template to provider schedules.

    The time off is added to the provider schedule(s). A Create Multiple Schedules window appears showing you if the setup was successful.

  10. Click Close.

  11. Finally, refresh your browser to see the off time in the provider's schedule.

Updated September 10, 2021

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