You can book recurring appointments for a patient with the same appointment reason for each appointment, such as for regular diabetic checkups, allergy shots, and blood pressure checks. You can also book recurring group visits such as diabetes education sessions. You can book recurring appointments on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

⚠️ Important: If booking recurring internal meetings (i.e. staff meetings) as appointments, only use this method if you have disabled eBooking (see Setting up and customizing eBooking for your clinic).

You can preview the appointments before finalizing them. This allows you to review any validation errors, move appointment times, or delete an occurrence.

When the appointments are created, the patient receives an email that lists all of the appointments and can manage each appointment individually.

📌 Note: If the patient wants to cancel all of the recurring appointments, they must call the clinic.

Any changes made to a booked recurring appointment apply to all future occurrences of the appointment.

You can "mass edit" recurring appointments in a series. In other words, changes made to the appointment interval, appointment reminders, or template (for example notes), will automatically apply to all future events.

📌 Note: You can book up to 104 appointments in one recurring appointment.


1. From the main menu, click Schedules.

2. Click the +Add button and select Recurring Visit.

3. Select the Recurring Visit Type - Appointment or Group Visit.

4. If you have more than one Location, select the location from the list.

5. Select a time on the schedule. As you move your cursor over the schedule, a box appears where the appointment will be and shows the start and end time.

6. In the Recurring Appointment window, the normal booking window appears for the Template field. (If the booking window does not appear, click the gear icon to open it). Enter the appointment information as you normally would (see Booking appointments or Booking group visits). Click Save when you are finished.

7. For Recurring Interval, select how often the appointment should repeat: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

8. For the chosen interval, specify how often the appointment should be booked and the end date.

  • For daily appointments, choose from 1 to 30 days from the list.

    All days of the week are selected by default (including Saturday and Sunday). Select the days of the week the appointment should be booked. For example, you may want to see a patient every 10 days but only on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays because the patient isn't available the other days of the week.

  • For weekly appointments, choose every 1 week, 2 weeks, or 3 weeks from the list.

    None of the days appear selected - the default day of the week is the day currently selected in the schedule. If you want to book the patient every 2 weeks, for example, and multiple days during that week, select the appropriate days. In the example below, an appointment will be booked every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, every other week.

  • For monthly appointments, choose from 1 to 12 months.

9. Before you can book the repeating appointments, you must preview them. Click Preview Recurring Appointments (or Preview Recurring Group Visits if this is a group visit).

📌 Note: If the number of appointments exceeds 104, a warning appears. Change your end date or recurring interval so fewer appointments are in the series.

Each appointment in the series will either indicate it is Valid or Invalid. Appointments that are invalid will list the reason(s) why it is invalid. You can proceed with booking the appointments, or you can edit or remove an appointment in the series. Click the - (minus) button to remove the appointment from the series. Click the clock icon to change the date and/or time for that particular recurrence.

10. When you are finished, click Book Recurring Appointments (or Book Recurring Group Visits if this is a group visit).

The appointments appear in the schedule with an arrow in the shape of a square.

If you select the appointment, you can access the Recurring Appointment tab to change the date and/or time of any appointment in the series. In the schedule, you can edit each of the individual appointments as you normally would. If you delete a recurring appointment, you are prompted to choose whether you want to delete only the current appointment or all future appointments in the series.

Updated December 24, 2021

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