TELUS Health offers an MSP billing service as part of your CHR license subscription. You create insured bills in the CHR and submit them to Teleplan. After MSP processes your bills (claims), they're automatically updated in the CHR.

As part of your CHR subscription fees, you can:

  • Create claims in the CHR

  • Submit claims to MSP through the Teleplan system

  • View and process remittances (claim responses) received from MSP

To transfer a provider's Teleplan to TELUS CHR

1. Contact Teleplan to notify them of the transfer date.

2. Contact the TELUS Health support team through the in-app support bubble or email - providing information on the provider joining your clinic and their expected start date.

Bills created BEFORE a provider is integrated

If a provider begins billing prior to being integrated with Teleplan, it's okay! We can fix that for you on our end. You know a provider hasn't been integrated if you create a bill and the following information is missing:

These bills remain in the Billing dashboard with a status of Ready To Submit, and are not submitted to Teleplan. If this happens, we will integrate the billing and let you know. The bills that have already been created will need to be "attached" to the newly integrated provider.

To Attach a Provider to an Existing Bill

Simply select the billing practitioner that has been integrated at the top of the bill and select the billing practitioner in the dropdown. This has now linked the integrated provider to the unintegrated bill. Change the status of the bill to READY TO SUBMIT and any bills that were created and are now attached, will submit at the end of the day.

If you see this on the bill you will know that the provider has been successfully integrated and is ready to bill!

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