If a provider begins billing prior to being set up for Teleplan integration. It's okay. You can still submit their bills after their integration is set up. You know a provider hasn't been integrated if you create a bill and the following information is missing:

These bills remain in the Billing dashboard with a status of Ready To Submit, and are not submitted to Teleplan. Following integration, you can submit these bills to Teleplan by "attaching" them to the newly integrated provider.


1. From the Billing dashboard, open the bill.

2. In the Edit Insured Payment window, below the Billing Practitioner, click No Billing Provider Selected.

3. In the drop-down, select the same billing practitioner already selected on the bill. This links the Billing Practitioner on the bill to their Teleplan-integrated Billing Practitioner.

If, below the Billing Practitioner, via Teleplan displays, and the Data Center Number, Practitioner Number and Payee Number appear, you know the provider is successfully integrated and is ready to bill.

4. If the bill has a status of Draft, in the Status drop-down, select Ready to Submit.

5. Click Save. The bill is submitted to Teleplan today at 6pm.

Updated January 18, 2022

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