The Main Filter

The main filter allows you to search all claims as necessary.

Select a date range you wish to review. The date can be set to:

  • Service Date: Appointment Date

  • Created Date: Date the Bill was created

  • Paid Date

Billing Provider(s):
You can select as many providers as you like to view billing and totals.

View specific fee item/procedure codes.

*You must have the appropriate Insurer selected that would be linked to the code*

Ex. If Medical Services Plan (Insurer) is selected, you can pull all 100 (general visit) codes up for a specific provider/date range.

Sort by bill status. A bill status can apply to bills that are either Insured/Private/Third Party.

  • Draft:
    Presubmission status. Must be manually changed to Ready to Submit if needing to be sent for any insured billing.

  • Ready to Submit:
    Presubmission status. Will automatically be sent every evening for insured billing.

  • Pending: Manual status that is used when awaiting payment.

  • Submitted: Manual status (commonly used for third party billing) to indicate an outstanding a claim that is invoiced, but not paid.

  • Attention Required: Bills returned from Insured billing that have been refused.

  • Completed: Adjusts bills with outstanding amounts to zero (adjust to paid). Insured billing will have this status if Paid automatically and Private Third Party bills can be manually changed to this status when paid/reconciled.

  • Cancelled: Status to write bills off.

  • Held: Status for any bills that have been successfully submitted for insured billing and still have not been paid.

  • Adjusted: Manual Status. Commonly used for Private/Third Party to indicate payment received, but adjusted.

Set the location if providers work from multiple locations.

Order the bills by

  • Service Date

  • Create

  • Amount

And by:

  • Ascending Order

  • Descending Order

*An insurer must be set to set the filter up to search by billing codes.*

Insurer allows you to drill down to bills created in specific billing templates including:

  • Insured Billing Providers (Provincial)

  • Third Party

  • Private

All Payment Methods:
Applicable to all bills and payment type.

All Identification Types:

This allows you to sort by any type of identification set-up in your system. These can be added custom here:

Payment Tags:
If you utilize payment tags as part of your billing workflow, you can sort by them in the dashboard.

  • Once you have set your filter, you will see a corresponding total(s) in the in the box to the left.

  • If need to export these reports, you can select the export button on the right to pull a CSV of your filtered bills.


If you consistently set the same filter, consider setting up a SAVED FILTER by following these instructions:

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