Your needs for viewing the Insured Billing Section within your CHR account may be different to other CHR users. You can therefore customize some of the settings within the Insured Billing Section so that it only impacts your account.

💡 NOTE: It is always best to change these settings in a TEST PATIENT chart, rather than an actual patient chart.

Customizing Insured Billing Section:

1. Navigate to Insured Billing Section within a Patient's Chart

2. Select the settings gear to add or remove columns. You can also adjust the size of the columns.

Insured Payments/ Billing Settings

Default Status (Per User)

  • Set your bill status to either Draft OR Ready (If you want to change your 'public billing' status to something different than the rest of the clinic).

See the following help article for Public Billing Account wide settings.

Extra Setting

  • Soft Validation - Automatically tests the bill against the provincial Insurer. If the bill is missing key information, the bill will automatically be refused with an "Attention Required" status. - Incorrect: Name, DOB, PHN
    - Missing: Referring Provider (if applicable), Fee Items, ICD-9

  • Remember Last Billing Practitioner (Admin-only) - Automatically defaults when adding a new bill.

  • Remember Last Template Specific Fields (MB users only)

  • By default, show advanced fields with referral practitioner (BC users only)

  • Remember Last Service Date and Time

  • Remember Last Billing Item's Customs Fields

  • Focus the Diagnosis Code After Selecting a Code

  • Fill Finish Time From the Linked Appointment

  • Fill Diagnosis Codes From the Latest Billing of This Patient

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