The CHR has various lists of ICD-9 Diagnostic codes. You can find them under CHR Settings > Templates > Encounter Tab.

💡 Any changes to the ICD-9 lists will be clinic-wide, so make sure these changes won't impact others before making the switch!

Synching the ICD-9 Diagnostic Codes in Encounters to the Bill

You can choose if you want the Diagnosis in ASSESSMENT & PLAN to be

  • Independent from the bill, or

  • Link to the bill

To change this setting,

  1. Navigate to the bottom of the ENCOUNTER template

  2. Select the Gear Icon

  3. Scroll to the section DIAGNOSTIC CODE and select YES or NO

  4. Save

ICD-9 Favourites used for Billing

If you have frequent ICD-9 codes you like to use for billing, consider marking them as favourites. This will always bring them to the top when searching.

Last updated: January 2021

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