Sometimes a bill is created in error and it needs to be removed. When it comes to billing that is submitted to a provincial insurer, there is a "golden rule".

A bill that has been submitted, cannot be deleted

For any bills that have been submitted to a Provincial Insurer (i.e, Teleplan) that has been billed in error, the following rules apply:

  1. If the bill came back as ATTENTION REQUIRED but is incorrect for whatever reason, mark the claim with the status:
    CANCELLED: If lost revenue (write-off)
    COMPLETED: If billed in error (adjustment)

  2. If the bill came back as COMPLETED (Paid) but shouldn't have been paid, you will need to submit a debit request.

    You can do this by:

  • going into the bill

  • selecting the "i" in the top-right corner

  • selecting debit request

  • changing the status back to READY

  • Save

3. If a bill was created to submit to a provincial insurer, you should be able to use the trash bin on the bill in the top-right corner to remove the claim.

Third Party/Private Billed in Error

If the bill has not been sent to a provincial provider such as Teleplan, you can go into the patient chart and into INSURED BILLING. You will find a trash bin to the right of the claim and you will be able to remove it.

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