You can submit a debit request to cancel a claim that was billed in error and has already been submitted (has a status of Submitted) or has been paid in full (has a status of Completed). When you submit a debit request, MSP refuses the in-process claim or "takes back" the money if the claim was paid.

When you submit a debit request through the CHR, the original claim is re-submitted with the submission code E.

đź“Ś Note:

  • You must include a note on the billing item(s) indicating why you are debiting the bill (for example, “Incorrect date of service”)

  • If you are re-billing the claim, but the service date is outside the 90 day limit, use submission code X and then, in the billing item note, indicate “Re-submission with matching Debit Request Record”

  • Do not submit a debit request if you disagree with MSP’s adjudication of a claim. Instead, submit a new claim with additional information in the billing item's notes, and the claim will be re-assessed


1. From the Billing dashboard, the Visits dashboard or the Insured Billing area of the patient's chart, click to open the bill.

2. In the Edit Insured Payment window, beside the billing item(s) you want to submit a debit request for, click the the i icon. The Transaction Details window appears.

3. Beside the last Incoming transaction, click the down (v) icon.

4. Under Available Actions, perform one of the following actions:

  • If the service date is within the 90 day limit, select Start Debit Request

  • If the service date is past the 90 day limit, select Resubmit with Code 'X'

The billing item becomes editable.

5. Click to open the billing item, and add a note indicating why you are sending a debit request. See Adding a comment to a provincial (MSP) claim.

6. At the top of the Edit Insured Payment window, in the Status drop-down, select Ready to Submit.

7. Click Save. The debit request is submitted to Teleplan today at 6pm.

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