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Deleting unsubmitted bills (British Columbia)
Deleting unsubmitted bills (British Columbia)
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You can delete any bill as long as it has not been submitted to the province (MSP). As soon as a bill is submitted, you can no longer delete it. You can, however, submit a debit request to MSP to indicate that you want to "take back" the claim. You can also change the bill's status to Cancelled if MSP rejects the claim. See Managing provincial (MSP) bills flagged as Attention Required.


1. Open the patient's chart.

💡 Tip: To open the patient's chart from the bill, beside the patient's name, click the patient icon.

2. In the chart header, click Start/Open > Insured Billing. A list of insured bills created for this patient displays.

3. Beside the bill, click the Delete icon.

4. When prompted to confirm that you want to continue, click Okay. The bill is permanently deleted.

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