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DYMO Printer Alert - no DYMO printer detected
DYMO Printer Alert - no DYMO printer detected
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If you come across the printer error - 'No Dymo Printers Detected," please follow the below tips:

1. Check that your DYMO service is running in taskbar

If the Dymo icon is not at bottom in the taskbar, then you will need to re-launch it:

  • Navigate to START/SEARCH

  • Type in DYMO WEB and select Dymo WebService application from the selections

2. Right Click on the D icon and make sure the service is 'STARTED'

3, You can also Stop and Re-Start services

4. OR, Click Diagnose to make sure it is communicating with Chrome

Remember to refresh your Chrome Browser after you have followed any of the above tips.

You should now see the following message:

Last updated: January 2021

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