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Automatically validating health card information (Ontario)
Automatically validating health card information (Ontario)
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The Health Card Validation (HCV) in the CHR enables you to determine patient eligibility and the validity of an Ontario health card.

The HCV messages regarding the patient's health card that you see are based on a live connection with the Ministry of Health's (MOH) card database.

⚠️ Important: You must have a MDBilling account set up and integrated wth the CHR for automatic health card validation to work. See the below example of a health card that could not be validated:

Before you rely on the health card validation functionality, ensure:

  • The patient's primary practitioner has an active MDBilling integration within their CHR account

  • The patient's names (first, middle and last) in the chart match the ones on their OHIP health card

  • The patient's date of birth in the chart matches the one on their OHIP health card

HCV takes place as soon as you add (or modify) and save the patient's OHIP number and version code in the patient chart. A green check mark next to the patient's OHIP number means the health card is valid and a red x means it is invalid.

You can see the validation results in the following areas of the patient chart:

  • From the Patient chart header

  • From the Patient Chart > Dashboard view > Identification widget

  • From the Patient chart > Dashboard view > Update Patient window > Under Identifications

  • From the New or Edit Insured Payment window > under Patient / Identification

  • From the Visits dashboard

To see explanations why the health card is invalid, click or hover over the red X next to the OHIP number. See the examples below of explanation messages:

  • Please enter correct PHN

  • Health card cancelled or voided

📌 Note: If you submit an insured bill with an invalid health card to MDBilling (see Submitting insured bills to MDBilling), its status changes from Ready to Attention Required (with an error message).

Updated: October 29, 2021

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