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Patient portal errors (troubleshooting)
Patient portal errors (troubleshooting)
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Patients may occasionally see errors when using the patient portal. These are a few common ones, and their resolutions.

Error message



A portal disabled error appears when patients are trying to access the portal.

The patient portal is disabled. See Enabling the patient portal to resolve the error.

Error message appears when an existing patient attempts to log in.

Once patient portal has been enabled for the clinic, you have to enable the portal for each pre-existing patient.

Open the patient's chart. Click Update Information and open the Portal tab.

Error message appears when patients attempt to book an appointment at a specific location.

For locations to be bookable in the patient portal, there are three conditions:

  1. The location has to have a schedule configured and at least one active service selected.

  2. The selected service(s) must be available for new and/or existing patients.

  3. The locations Public setting needs to be set to YES. If it is set to NO, the specific location will not be visible in the patient portal. See Creating and editing account locations.

Updated May 30, 2021

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