Adding a new location to your account,

  • Navigate to Settings > Scheduling > Locations

  • Select the blue 'Add Location' button

  • An "Add Location" Window will appear:

All fields are Optional to complete. It is recommended that most fields are completed to best help patients find the Clinic.

Name - This is the location name that the patient will see on eBooking and in appointment notifications.

The Internal Name - This field is how the Location will appear on the Scheduler. This name will not be visible to patients.

Public - When ‘Yes’, patients will see this location on eBooking / patient portal.

Online Booking Description Title - This is the title that is displayed in the specific location information pop-up.

Online Booking Description Text - This is the text that is displayed in the specific location information pop-up.

Online Booking Group Label - This setting allows you to group a location or set of locations into a specific group label. Note: A location can only have one group label.

Time Zone - This allows you to add a location with a different TimeZone to your original one.

Important Online Booking Message -

  • 'Yes' - once patient has selected a location, they will automatically see a pop-up of the above online booking description (title and text) which they have to acknowledge.

  • 'No' - patients will have to click on the information link ('click here for more information') to see the online booking description pop-up.

Editing an Existing Location

  • Click on the location from the list.

  • This will open the dialogue box 'Update Location' where you can add/ remove information related to that specific location.

Always remember to select SAVE after adding or editing a Location.

Last updated: January 2021

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