You can filter your schedule to help you see only the information you need and reduce clutter.

You can filter the schedule by location, user groups, practitioner, type of appointment, and appointment status. You can also view only practitioners who have available working hours or who have appointments booked for the day/week you are viewing.

Filter by



At the top of the schedule, select the appropriate location from the list. For more information about locations, see Creating and modifying clinic locations.

To see only virtual visits, select the Virtual location.

User group

At the top of the schedule, select the appropriate group from the list.
For more information about setting up user groups, see Creating user groups.

📌 Note: You must configure the groups that appear in the list to be filterable.

Practitioner, type of appointment, appointment status

1. Click the filter icon at the top-right corner of the schedule.

2. In the Filter Appointments window, select the Practitioners, Services, and Statuses you'd like to see on the schedule.

💡 Tip: To clear the current selections and instead select the items that were previously cleared, select Invert Selections.

3. Select whether you'd like to Show Group Visits using the checkbox at the bottom of the window.

4. Click Apply to apply your changes and update your view of the schedule.

💡 Tip: To clear the filters, select All Services and/or All Statuses in the Filter Appointments window.

Practitioners who have available booking times or appointments booked

Click the magnet icon to toggle the auto-practitioners filter on and off.

📌 Note: If you are in week view, the filter shows all practitioners who have availability or an appointment booked on at least one day of that week.

Updated December 24, 2021

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