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Scheduling Settings: Locations
Creating and modifying clinic locations
Creating and modifying clinic locations
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Your clinic can have multiple locations. One is always the primary default location.

Each location has its own schedule and you can easily navigate between various locations. Refer to Filtering the schedule. When you add provider working hours, you must select the specific location for that provider.

If your clinic is using eBooking, when patients request appointment, you can allow them to choose between configured locations.

Locations are also used to restrict access to patient charts based on location if you are using role-based access control.


1. From the main menu, click Settings > Scheduling > Locations tab.

All your clinic names appears under Locations.

2. To add a location, click Add Location. The Add Location window appears.

3. To modify a location, select the location from the list. The Update Location window appears.

4. Using the table below, add, edit or remove the location properties.

📌 Note: All field are optional to complete. To help patients find your clinic, we recommend that your complete most fields.

General tab




Type your clinic location name as you want it to display in the CHR.

📌 Note: This is the location name that patients see when using eBooking and in appointment notifications.


The default is Yes. Patients can see the location in eBooking / patient portal.

Select No to hide this location from patients in eBooking / patient portal.

Internal name

This field is how the location appears in your schedule. This name is not visible to patients.


Select a colour.

Time zone

Select the time zone for your specific location.

📌 Notes:

  • This allows you to add a location with a different time zone to your original one.

  • For eBooking the appointment time zone pulls from the location's time zone. If this is not configured, the default time zone is your clinic’s account time zone.

Default visit type when booking appointments

When booking appointments you must select a visit type. To save this extra click, you can set a default visit type for each location.

📌 Note: You must have your schedule set to the correct location before booking the appointment for the default to populate in the appointment.

When in the schedule and the visit type filter is set to All this default is used. When the filter is set to Physical or Virtual the visit type pulls from the filter, and not the default.

Address Line1

Type your clinic location address.

Address Line2

Type your clinic location address.


Type your clinic location city.


Type your clinic location state.


Type your clinic location country.

Zip/Postal code

Type your clinic location postal code.

Phone number

Type your clinic location phone number.

Email Address

Type your clinic location email address.

Fax number

Type your clinic location fax number.

Online Booking tab

Online booking description title

Type the title you want to display in the specific location information pop-up window in eBooking.

Online booking description text

Type the clinic location description you want to display in the specific location information pop-up window in eBooking.

Online booking group label

You can group a location or a set of locations under a specific group label. Refer to Categorizing or grouping locations for eBooking

📌 Note: A location can only have one group label.

Important Online Booking Message

Select Yes if you want the clinic detail window to pop-up in eBooking when patients select the clinic.

Select No if you want patients to click on the link Click here for more information. A pop-up window of the above online booking description (title and text) appears.

5. Click Submit.

6. To make the clinic your primary location, click Set Primary.

7. To delete a location, click the trash icon next to it and confirm the action.

Updated July 31, 2023

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