You will receive an email with a link and a secure access code 5 minutes prior to your virtual visit appointment.

When your healthcare provider is ready, they will initiate the virtual visit and engage in a video / audio consultation with you.

Pre Virtual Visit

⚠️ Important: Prior to your appointment, make sure you have

  • A secure internet or Wi-Fi connection for the call.

  • Enabled microphone and camera controls on your device of choice.

For Laptop / Desktop Computer

Use the latest version of Google Chrome.

For Mobile device

  • iPhone (iOS device) use Safari browser

  • Android devices use Google Chrome

For Tablet

  • iPads (iOS devices) use Safari browser

  • Android tablets use Google Chrome

Entering a virtual visit chat room


  1. Click the Start Virtual Visit link that was sent to you via email.

    A new window opens.

  2. Enter your secure access code (this is not case sensitive).

  3. Enter Last Name (this is not case sensitive).

  4. Click LOGIN.

    A pop up window appears.

  5. Click on the specific appointment (it will turn grey when hovering over it).

    A pop up window appears - Device Check

  6. You have to complete the following to enter a chat room with your provider:



Action/ Step


Click Next.


if you are using the latest Browser and the Webcam and Microphone are connected, you can click NEXT


a. Click REQUEST PERMISSIONS if you have not allowed webcam or microphone permissions.

Google Chrome will ask for permissions to use microphone and camera.

b. Click Allow

💡 Tip: If Google Chrome is not triggered to ask you to allow permissions, see the below steps. **

The two boxes will change to green with checkmarks.

Click NEXT

If you select Proceed without video chat, you can only message the provider.


Read the Virtual Visit Agreement


**Grant permissions to access camera and microphone by following the below steps:

  1. Click the lock icon at the top of next to your URL address bar.

  2. Select Allow for Camera and Microphone.

You are now ready for your virtual visits appointment.

Virtual Visit

📌 Note: Your healthcare provider can see when you have completed the above steps and are ready for your virtual visit. They will always initiate the video / audio call.

When the provider attempts to call you, a pop up window will appear on your screen.

Click ACCEPT to start the virtual visits.

Functions available to you during your Virtual Visit

Turn camera on / off

Click the red camera icon

Turn microphone off / on

Click the microphone icon

End the Virtual Visit

Click the red [-> icon





You will find a list of tasks that your provider has assigned you. You can complete the tasks from this window accordingly.

Examples of tasks:

  • Complete Qnaire(s)

  • Read Content

  • View Video(s)

  • Make Payments

  • Upload File(s)

Click on the specific Assigned Task to complete it.

Once a task has been completed, you will see a blue checkmark next to the task.


You can see the details of your current visit here:

  • Date of your appointment

  • Time of your appointment

  • Name of your healthcare provider that is attending to you.



Ability to send and receive messages between you and your provider.

Type your message in the message box at the bottom of the window.

Click the blue > icon to send the message.

⚠️ Important: Once you have left the Virtual Visit, you are not able to return to the visit unless your provider initiates the call again.

Updated: April 2021

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