Generating a PDF invoice
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You can create a PDF invoice to print, email or fax to the patient or third party. This can be done at the time of payment, or after.

To customize your invoice template, see Third-party invoice templates. You cannot edit the private pay invoice used for private billing. If you need to edit the private pay invoice, you must do all private billing in the insured billing section. Some clinics have an insured billing template called Private Pay for this reason.

📌 Note: If you are creating the invoice at the same time as the bill, start at step 4.


  1. From the patient's chart, click Start/Open.

  2. Click Private Billing, and the private billing section opens.

  3. Under All Payments, click the billing item you want to create the invoice for, and the Continue Payment window opens.

  4. Click the Invoice tab, and the Invoice Information section opens.

  5. Complete the invoice details.



Choose Billing Destination

Default pulls the patient's demographic information. Select Custom to add a different address.

Invoice Printing Type

Choose the header type you would like to use.

Default includes a Please Address Payment to line.

Standard Windowed Envelope has a simple header.

Invoice Date

Defaults to today's date, click to change.

Practitioner Name

Defaults to the practitioner selected in the Payments tab. The practitioner's details autofill the remaining address details. Click the magnifying glass to change the practitioner.

Location Name

Defaults to the location selected in the Payments window. Click the magnifying glass to change.

Street Address, Additional Address, City, Province/Sate, Postal Code/Zipcode, Country

Your clinic address details. Autofills from the provider selected in Practitioner Name. Click to change.

Tax Number

Practitioner's tax number.

Billing Number

Practitioner's billing number.

Phone Number

Practitioner or clinic phone number.

Show Demographic

Select to include the patient's sex, date of birth and age.

6. Click Next, and the PDF Settings window opens.

7. Choose a cover page from the list, for more information on cover pages, see Adding a fax cover page to a PDF document.

8. Click Save, and the invoice opens in a PDF preview window.

9. At the top-right corner click to download, print, email or fax the PDF.

Updated July 6, 2023

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