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Updating patient avatars (chart pictures)
Updating patient avatars (chart pictures)
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You can add patient pictures to the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) as avatar images. A patient's avatar image displays in their chart header, in their appointments and in many other areas of the CHR where the patient appears.

If you do not add an image for a patient, one of the following generic avatars displays by default. You can set this default avatar image to be gender-specific or gender neutral. See Setting default patient avatars.


Gender identity


Female, Transgender female


Male, Transgender male


Non-binary, Prefer to describe


📌 Note: Once you add an avatar, you cannot remove it and revert to the generic avatar.


  1. Save the patient's photo to your computer or connect the device that took the patient's picture (for example, an iPad) to your computer.
    💡 Tip: Patients can update their own avatar via a Qnaire. See Creating a picture question in your Qnaire.

  2. Open the patient's chart. See Searching for patients.

  3. In the chart header, click the avatar image. The chart header expands.

  4. Click Update Avatar.

  5. Search for and select the image file on your computer or device. The patient's avatar is updated.

Updated February 4, 2022

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