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Manually adding a patient with an appointment to a Pathway
Manually adding a patient with an appointment to a Pathway

Manually add a patient with a booked appointment to a Pathway

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Patients automatically flow into, and through, a Pathway using configured transitions. However, you can manually add a patient to a Pathway, either with or without an appointment. For more information about adding a patient without an appointment, see Adding a patient without an appointment to a Pathway.

For example, for a booked appointment, staff may want to move a virtual visit appointment directly to the Visit phase for a provider, or move it to the Pre Visit phase before the patient has signed into the visit.


1. Add a new pathway card using one of the following methods:

  • From the main menu, click Pathways.

  • Click the + icon for the phase you want to move the patient to.


  • From the patient chart, click Start/Open.

  • Click Start Pathway.

  • If your domain has more than one Pathway configured, from the Select Pathway window, select what Pathway you would like to add the new card to

2. Select With Appointment.

3. The list of appointments for today appears.

📌 Note: The list of appointments is based on the filters you chose when viewing the Pathway. If your office uses locations, only appointments for the selected location appear. Virtual appointments are included only if +Virtual is selected. If Only My Patients is selected, only appointments booked in the current user's schedule appear in the list. For more information, see Customizing your view of Pathways.

4. Select an appointment and in the window that appears, select the appropriate action to move the appointment into that phase.

5. The window closes and the appointment card is added to the column for the phase you selected.

Updated July, 2022

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