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Searching for and filtering referrals
Searching for and filtering referrals
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The TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) includes a comprehensive and highly configurable referral feature that enables you to send and receive referrals, and track the status of referrals along the way.

There are two areas in the CHR where you can find referrals: in the referrals dashboard (list) or in the patient's chart. See Viewing patients' referrals in their chart.

There are various ways to find specific referrals/ groups of referrals within the referral dashboard (list). For example, you might want to find all the high priority incoming referrals that are assigned to one specific provider at your clinic.


  1. From the main menu, click Referrals. The Referrals dashboard (list) opens.

  2. Use the following fields to search for referral folders / waitlists, groups of referrals or individual referrals.



No Selected Folder / Folder Name

Click No Selected Folder to search the dashboard for a referral folder or waitlist. A search field appears. Type or manually search the list for the folder/ waitlist.

All Status / Specific Status

📌 Note: A Folder has to be selected before you can search by status.

Click All Status and select one or all statuses.

Filter Icon

There are a more filters available to narrow down your referrals search. You can filter by:

  • Ordering Provider
    Click All Ordering Providers.

  • Service Provider

    Click All Service Providers.

  • Presenting Issue (if applicable)
    Click All Presenting Issues.

  • Patient Data (if applicable)
    Click All Patient Data.

  • Referral Data (if applicable)
    Click All Referral Data.

💡 Tip: You can clear any of the above applied filters by clicking the trash icon.

You can filter by priority. Select All, one or more than one priority.

You can remove your waitlisted referrals from your list by selecting Hide waitlisted referrals.

You can sort your filtered referrals by clicking Default and select from the date created, date added, priority, recently added. Click Ascending to choose to view your referrals in ascending or descending order.

You can choose how many referrals you want to display per page. Click the arrow and select 10, 25, 20 or 100.

Search Icon

Click the Search icon to search fo a specific referral using patient details. Click the arrow to search by the patient name, last name, first name, ID, Email or Phone.

Updated June 22, 2022

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