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Adding referral data fields to referral items
Adding referral data fields to referral items
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Use custom referral data if you want to collect additional data specific to the referral itself and not specific to the patient, such as the date and time of the patient's appointment with the consultant or key words to help you manage your referrals.

Use custom referral data to:

  • Collect additional information about referrals that is not included in the standard referral record, which you can then use within the analytics feature.

  • Report on referral activity (for example, status changes), using the analytics feature.

  • Filter waiting lists using referral data, making it easier to find specific referrals.

You can customise referral data fields (and properties) to appear on the right side of your incoming, internal and outgoing referral records, under Referral Data.

📌 Note: To add this to your CHR, contact the TELUS Health support team. See Contact us.


  1. From the main menu, click Settings > Referrals > Referral Data.

  2. Under Incoming, Internal or Outgoing Referral, click + Add Referral Data.

    The Add Referral Patient Data window appears.

  3. Under Category, select a referral data category.

  4. Under Data Property, select a referral data property.

  5. Under Visible Data, select a referral data field.

  6. Click Save.

The referral data is added and you can now update it within referrals (see Updating patient and referral data from a referral).

Updated August 5, 2021

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