You can submit medical claims for payment electronically through the Medical Services Plan (MSP) using the Dr. Bill integration. If you are a new user, the CHR team will set up the integration for your clinic.

Default service location can be set to appear on your billing items. If no default location is selected, no service location will appear on billing items. We encourage you to configure your own default service location code (SLC).

If you are an existing CHR user integrated with Dr Bill, you will require your Dr. Bill login details (email and password) for the below steps.


  1. From the main toolbar, click Settings > Billings.

  2. Under Public Billing Providers > Dr. Bill, click x.

  3. Click Integrate.
    A Dr. Bill window appears.

  4. Complete the Email and Password fields.

  5. In the Service Location field, select the appropriate (default) service location from the list.

  6. Click Authenticate.

Created August 20, 2021

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