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Renewing medications from a patient's Medications list
Renewing medications from a patient's Medications list
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If you do not have an active encounter open for a patient - for example, the patient has called in to request renewals - you can renew a patient's existing or past medications directly from the Medications area of the chart. (To renew medications during an encounter, see Renewing medications from an encounter.)

📌 Note: The Medications area is unique from the Prescriptions area of the chart, which displays only treatments prescribed from your TELUS CHR, and not externally-prescribed or any recorded over-the-counter treatments.


1. Open the patient's chart.

2. In the Quick Menu or the Start/Open menu, choose Medications.

3. By default, the patient's Current (active) treatments are displayed. To see all current and past treatments for a patient, select the All tab.

4. Normally, selecting a treatment in the list will display more information about it (see Viewing a patient's medications). To select treatments in order to renew them, click Re-Prescribe. The button appears with a red dot, to indicate you are in re-prescribing mode. The medications also appear with plus signs to the left, instead of the medication icon.

💡 Tip: If you clicked Re-Prescribe by mistake, click Re-Prescribe again to exit re-prescribing mode.

5. Click the plus icon beside each treatment you wish to renew. A checkmark appears to the left, and the treatment appears in the Current Prescription pane at the top of the window.

💡 Tip: Click the checkmark icon beside a treatment to remove it from the current prescription, or use the trash can icon.

6. If necessary, click Edit to change the dose or instructions for a treatment you are renewing.

7. When you are finished, click Create Prescription.

8. The prescription pad window appears, where you can make any further changes and add any internal notes to the prescription, as well as add new medications.

9. Sign or Save the prescription. The prescription is now recorded in the Prescriptions area of the patient's chart.

Updated August 27, 2021

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