Once you have created and saved bills in the Collaborative Health Record (CHR), you must submit them to MDBilling. Submitted CHR bills appear in the Saved Claims list in MDBilling.

In the CHR, once you have submitted a claim, you can see an information icon at the top-right corner of every billing item showing transaction details of the claim sent to MDBilling as well as the claim returned from MDBilling or the Ministry of Health (MOH).

When you create bills in the CHR, they are either saved as Draft status or are automatically submitted to MDBilling, depending on the default billing status for your CHR account. See Changing the default billing status for your account.

If your default status is Draft, you must manually change the status to Ready To Submit so that the bills can be submitted to MDBilling.

📌 Note: If your bill is in draft status, you can modify your bill before submitting it manually to MDBilling.

If your default status is Ready to Submit, your saved and signed bills are immediately and automatically submitted to MDBilling.

⚠️ Important: Once a claim has a status of Submitted, you can't make changes to it in the CHR. If it has not been submitted to the MOH yet, you can change the claim in MDBilling. Those changes will only reflect in the CHR the following day.

Steps (to manually submit to MDBilling)

You can manually submit an insured bill to MDBilling from Visits, Encounters (saved or signed) and the Insured billing section of patient charts.

  1. Click on a bill with status Draft.
    The Edit Insured Payment window appears.

  2. Click in the Status field and select Ready to Submit from the list.

  3. Click Save.
    The bill is immediately sent to MDBilling and the status changes to Submitted.

    📌 Note: If the heath card could not be validated, the bill cannot be submitted and instead the Status changes to Attention Required.

📌 Note: To submit your bills to the Ministry of Health (MOH), you must log into your MDBilling portal and submit them from there. See Submitting claims to the Ministry of Health from your MDBilling portal (Ontario).

Updated November 2, 2021

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