TELUS Health bills dynamically based on the month’s actual usage of your Collaborative Health Record (CHR). User management is achieved within the CHR and the TELUS Health Billing team uses the information from the CHR to apply your variable monthly billing.

The dynamic billing is initiated at the beginning of the first month after your Go-Live. The TELUS Health Billing team reviews the usage of the CHR and maps all of the users into a specific license type. This means that each month you are billed for only the usage of active users of the CHR.

Licence types and roles

All active CHR users are charged according to their license type and monthly usage (see the table below).

  • An active CHR user is defined as a user who is listed under Settings > Account > Users List and can access the CHR.

  • An administrative user is defined during the user setup process when the user Type is set to Staff.

CHR licence types

Features included


(typically MD, NP)

All CHR Lite features + labs, prescriptions, virtual visits, and provincial billing integration

CHR Lite + Virtual Visits

(typically AHP, RN)

All CHR Lite features + virtual care

CHR Lite

(typically AHP, RN)

Scheduling, record-keeping, questionnaires, patient messaging, eBooking, appointment reminders, advanced analytics, generic UpPatient App

Administrative Staff

Non-provider functionality only

📌 Note: the following users will not be charged:

  • Users that have been deactivated for the entirety of the bill month.

  • User types that have been granted complimentary access to the CHR (e.g. residents, students, exam rooms, etc.). If you want to setup a new user that should be non-billable, please contact our CHR support team for assistance.

Ongoing Monthly Fees

The TELUS Health Billing team invoices you at the beginning of each month for the recently closed month.

Updated October 26, 2021

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