When a provider or employee leaves your clinic, you must deactivate their CHR user account. Users cannot be deleted, for medico-legal reasons. You can always reactivate their account if the person returns to work at your clinic.

📌 Note: You require the permissions Edit Other Users to deactivate a clinic user's account. See User Permissions.

⚠️ Important: Before deactivating a user, ensure you do the following:

  • Move any future appointments with this provider to another schedule. Otherwise all appointments will be cancelled and any corresponding Qnaires are removed.

  • Forward all inbox messages (including snoozed messages) to another user. Otherwise all messages disappear when the user is deactivated.

  • Check the user's information is not used for any lab integrations for the entire account (in Settings > Labs > Integrate). If so, the integration must be transferred to another user, otherwise no one will receive labs. Contact the CHR support team before deactivating a user whose information is used for the main lab integration.

In Ontario, if the user was configured for MDBilling, they are automatically disconnected from MDBilling. The provider or clinic will not receive any new information regarding that provider’s claims that were previously submitted or received.


  1. From the main menu, click Settings > Account.

  2. Under Users List, find the user to deactivate and click the delete icon.

    A practitioner data window appears, prompting you to cancel or move any pending appointments and Qnaires (recurring and sent) to an existing user.

  3. For each category (Appointments, Recurring Scheduled Qnaires, Send Qnaires), select Move to another practitioner and choose the new provider.

  4. Click Deactivate.

  5. When prompted to confirm, click Ok.

  6. When prompted, type your account password to confirm and click Submit.

    Once deactivated, the user appears in a list of Deactivated Users at the bottom of the users list.

  7. To reactivate the user again, click the lock icon.

Updated October 26, 2021

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