Please watch the following video on how to add users, or you can follow the step by step guide below!

First begin by heading to your settings and selecting 'Accounts'. From here you will be brought to a screen to insert an e-mail address, select a user type (staff or practitioner) and select 'invite'. 

Upon selecting 'Invite' an e-mail will be sent to the address you have shared and it will appear in grey as shown below until the user has accepted the invite and logged in. Once logged in the user will appear with their name and title in black text. 

User Type

The difference between staff and practitioner are that staff only has an Inbox, Providers have an inbox and a schedule. Certain permissions are automatically enabled when the user account is created. These permissions can be further modified. See User Permissions for a definition of each permission.

Inviting a user as a staff will automatically enable them to have the following permissions:

General Permissions








Edit Unlocked Answer Sheets

Point of Care App Access

Create Prescriptions

Create Encounters

Public Billing

Private Billing

Settings Permissions

Scheduling: Vacation

User Contents Settings

Setup Lab Integration

Template: Custom Header


  • Inbox

  • Outbox

  • Schedule

  • Patients

  • Contacts

  • Referrals

  • Folders

  • Edit unlocked answer sheets

  • Point of Care app access

  • Create Prescriptions

  • Create Encounters

  • Scheduling: Settings

  • Public Billing

  • Private Billing

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