⚠️ Important: It is currently not possible to direct a patient's report only to the EMR that has the patient's chart. HRM distributes all your patient reports to all EMRs registered to receive your reports, i.e. not just to the EMR that has the patient's chart.

To configure HRM in your CHR, contact our TELUS Account Management team via email: chraccountmanagement@telus.com. If you are still in the implementation phase, speak to your Project Manager.

📌 Note: Deployment can take approximately 3 to 4 weeks from the time you have signed the required licence agreements and to have the connection to HRM configured in your CHR account.

If your clinic is already setup with HRM and a new provider joins your clinic and wants to also download HRM reports, contact your OMD Practice Advisor. When the provider receives a HRM Welcome Report from OMD, they can receive HRM reports through the CHR.

⚠️ Important: Ensure your CPSO/ CNO licence number is entered correctly under your user profile. See Adding your credentials to your profile.

Created: November 11, 2021

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