When HRM reports are processed in the CHR, patient and provider matching is performed.

Providers whose license (CPSO) numbers match the ones on the report receive the report in their inbox. The report appears in the inbox with Automated System beside it.

⚠️ Important: Ensure your licence (CPSO) number is saved under your profile (see Adding credentials to your profile).

If the report is matched to an existing patient in the CHR it can be found in their chart, under Patient Files.

📌 Note: If the CHR provider has not yet reviewed the report, the paperclip icon next to the file remains grey. Once the file has been reviewed (signed off), the icon turns green.

If a report is not matched to any patient, it can be due to the following reasons

  • It's a new patient at your clinic,

  • The HRM report is missing one of the patient matching criteria (Name, DOB, HCN), or

  • The report is meant for another clinic's EMR where you are registered at to received HRM reports.

All downloaded HRM reports are in the PDF format. You can view the reports from your inbox or in the patient chart (Patient Files section).

To see the details of a HRM Report (i.e. Sending facility ID, Patient details, Name of the receiver, etc.) click Details. A Details window appears on the right hand side.

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