Customizing TELUS CHR Intake
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You can use the TELUS Collaborative Health Record Intake app on a tablet or cell phone to collect patient data while your patients are at your clinic. You can customize TELUS CHR Intake from your CHR.


1. From the CHR main menu, select Settings > Tablet App.

2. Configure the following settings that apply to TELUS CHR Intake:



Appearance: Logo

Your clinic's name appears on the home screen of the app and the clinic name and logo appear in the Do you need help section of the app.

📌 Note: The default name is your clinic's Account Name.

  1. To change the name, under Logo Type, select Text and in the Logo Text field, type your clinic name.

  2. To add a logo, under Logo Type, select Image and click Select Logo Image. From the file explorer window that opens, select an image and click open to upload it.

  3. Click Save Appearance Setting.

  4. In the window that opens, click OK.

Numerical Passcode

All CHR users must enter the same passcode to access any part of TELUS CHR Intake. This passcode ensures that patients cannot access other patients' data. By default, the code is 0000. To change it:

  1. Under Numerical Passcode, delete 0000 and type a new code.

  2. Click Save Code.

Extra Settings: Help Page URL

To add a website that you can access in the Do you need help section of TELUS CHR Intake, add a URL in the blank field.

📌 Note: You or your patients can access the Do you need help section while completing Qnaires by tapping the❓ icon at the top-right of the screen.

💡 Tip: We recommend you add a link to the CHR help centre's TELUS CHR Intake section:

Extra Settings: Languages

Your patients can choose to experience TELUS CHR Intake in English or French. The instructions before and after completing the assigned Qnaire(s) are displayed in the language they choose.

By default, both languages are offered to patients, but you can clear a language to not offer it.

📌 Note: Your Qnaires in TELUS CHR Intake remain in the language in which they were configured.

3. Click Save Extra Settings.

📌 Note: If you changed any of the above settings and if you are logged in to TELUS CHR Intake, you must log out and log in again for the above changes to reflect.

Updated March 6, 2022

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