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Viewing transaction details of your submitted provincial claims (Ontario)
Viewing transaction details of your submitted provincial claims (Ontario)
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Once you have submitted a provincial bill to MDBilling, an information icon displays at the top-right corner of each billing item. Click the icon to view the transaction details for that specific bill item. This is particularly useful when you want to see when you were paid, or to see the history of changes made to a bill. For example, to see that the bill was sent, it came back refused, changes were made to the bill and resubmitted, and then you got paid.


1. Open a provincial bill and click the information icon next to the billing item. The Transaction Details appear.

πŸ’‘ Tip: If you cannot see all the details, hover over the specific item to see more information. Alternatively, resize the column(s) by clicking and dragging the grey divider line between the columns.

2. You can see the following information:




This indicates whether the transaction was going out from the CHR or into the CHR.

Out: the claim is outgoing to MDBilling (e.g. Sent).

In: the claim or information on the claim is coming into the CHR from MDBilling (e.g. Submitted, Paid, Refused). The incoming transactions from MDBilling are updated once per day in the CHR, around 8 a.m. Eastern time.


The status changes as the claim is processed. Some statuses you may see are Sent, Submitted (i.e. claim is submitted to MDBilling), Paid, Adjusted, and Refused.

πŸ“Œ Note: The last submitted status will get replaced with the final status. Because the incoming transactions are updated once per day, this would result in multiple Submitted status transactions until the claim is eventually processed by the MOH. Only the first Submitted transaction is recorded and then once the bill comes back from the MOH, the Submitted transaction will update to the appropriate status (Paid, Refused etc.) with the details.

Paid Amount

The amount paid by the MOH.

Processed At

The date of the change for that specific transaction.

πŸ“Œ Note: For incoming transactions, this is not the date the transaction was updated in the CHR (daily in the morning), but the date supplied by MDBilling as to when that transaction took place.

For paid claims, the time is also included.

MDBilling Claim ID

A unique claim number is assigned when the claim is successfully submitted to MDBilling. Click the icon of two pieces of paper to copy the claim ID.

πŸ“Œ Note: The Claim ID is not the same as MDBilling's Accounting ID.


Most often will display an x, indicating that the claim originated in the CHR.

In the cases where a service code is added to the bill as a result of an incoming transaction from MDBilling (e.g. you added an additional service code to the bill in MDBilling before submitting it to the MOH), a checkmark will appear in the Restored column of the transaction details for that newly-added service code. The description of the service code will also include Restored so you can see at a glance it was not on the original CHR bill.

πŸ’‘ Tip: To see the raw data of the transaction, click the down arrow and select Show Raw Data.

Created January 5, 2022

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