Editing message templates
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You can easily edit your existing message templates to better suit your evolving needs. For example, you can update the message body, add a default message recipient using Quick Action, etc.


1. From the main menu, click Settings > Templates.

The Template Settings window displays.

2. To view a list of existing message templates, click Message.

3. Click the desired message template to edit. The Edit Message Template window appears.

4. Edit or update the message template as follows:



Template Name

Change or edit the name for your template. This name is shown under Message Templates and in other areas within CHR where you can use this template e.g. inbox.

Message Title

Change or edit the title for your message. The title is shown in the inbox.

Message Body

Change or update the message details.

Insert Variable

Click to add instant and patient data variables to your message. To learn more, see Creating instant variables and Variables for use in message templates.

Formatting toolbar

Click to format your text. The options are:

  • bold

  • italicize

  • strikethrough

  • font color

  • bullet-style list

  • numbered list

  • insert table

  • outdent text

  • indent text

  • left-align text

  • center-align text

  • right-align text

  • justify-align text

Set Quick Action

(optional) Click to assign a default recipient for the message.

a. Enable the quick action.

b. Give your quick action a descriptive name.

c. Select a default recipient from the list.
📌 Note: Your primary assistant can be added under your Profile. See Modifying your user preferences.

💡 Tips:

  • If you want to send the message to the recipient with a single click, select Skip message dialog. With this option selected, when you use a quick action the message is sent to the recipient without having to additionally click Submit.

  • After you use a Quick Action message template, you can disable the Alert window by selecting the Do not show this dialog again option.

5. Once you've finished editing the message template, click Save.

For more information, see Using message templates

Created June 20, 2022

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