When you send faxes in the Collaborative Health Record (CHR), they are delivered through SRFax. SRFax attempts to successfully deliver your faxes three times. If the fax isn't delivered, you automatically receive an inbox message. From this message you can resend the fax. For example, if the fax failed due to an incorrect number then you can easily resend it to the correct number.

For more information, see Resending a failed fax to the same fax number.

💡 Tip: You can change how many times SRFax attempts to deliver a fax in your SRFax account.


1. From the main menu, click Inbox.

2. Click to access the failed fax.

The fax contents appear in a new window.

3. At the top-right of the window, click Fax.

The fax number you sent the document to appears in a new window.

4. Click the existing number to remove it from the list.

5. Select whether you want to send this fax to a contact or a facility by selecting the desired option from the list.

6. In the Search Recipient field, type the first few digits of the new fax number. A list of matching fax numbers appear.

7. Select the desired fax number and click Send. CHR sends the fax to SRFax to be delivered to the selected destination.

💡 Tip: For more information on why your faxes fail, see Fax failures reasons.

Updated February 03, 2021

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